OPI Manager

This Plug-In für Adobe InDesign offers you a complete OPI workflow with HELIOS ImageServer. Transparency, drop shadows and soft edges used with layout images are processed correctly. The packaging command of InDesign can export both layout and high-resolution images alike, irrespective of which images are placed in the document. 

OPI Manager LE is a functional reduced variant of OPI Manager to distribute to your customers and partners:
• all comfort functions of standard OPI Manager
• automatic reload of images on opening a document for correct image display
• no OPI functionality during printing or PDF export. Your customer should remain a customer

OPI Manager is avaliable for InDesign CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017 and CC 2018 on macOS and Windows. Older platforms are available on request.

Download OPI Manager for free                                      Plugin Adobe InDesign OPI Manager

Please contact sales@macademy.de for pricing or a quote.

OPI Manager palette

OPI Manager image attributes